Sell Like a Saint!

Learn How To Ask for the Sale Without Being Salesy!


Does asking people to pay you for your products and services make you feel greedy, dishonest, even downright sinful? Then the Sell Like A Saint Seminar is for you!

  • Sell with confidence and integrity

    Address those misguided beliefs and misconceptions about selling so you can sell with confidence!

  • A special section for Christians reconciles your business goals with your faith journey

  • Follow a method backed by research

    Learn the research-based method that has worked for thousands of people that you can apply to other areas of your life as well.

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Lexi is very reassuring, friendly, and gentle. She has an abundance of knowledge and skills and recommendations. And she has many videos to learn from, not just the personal coaching. I truly appreciate all the ways she is supporting me beyond the basics of making videos. I received excellent praise on the last video I made.


Lexi is an incredibly grounded and skillful coach to help you become comfortable with videos, copywriting, social media, and all facets of promotion that feels genuine.

Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor Intuitive Wisdom,

Lexi is a great listener. She also cuts through the mustard and kept me focused. She actually looked at my work and asked pertinent questions. Her questions led to answers which helped me focus on my offer, my target market, and their pain points.


Lexi is a gifted coach. She paid attention to my issues and within one hour started addressing concerns I've asked other coaches about for two years.... She is sincere, insightful, very smart and focused. She wants you to walk away with answers and value.

Amy Torres

Transformation Coach, Writer,

I enjoyed working with Lexi because she is very knowledgeable and thorough. She helped me overcome my reluctance to personally manage my social media marketing through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


As a result of hiring Lexi, I am now able to present a more professional online image and feel confidentthat social media marketing will be key to my branding and business growth.

Leona MacIntyre

Grant Writer,

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